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Here you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions about our products/services and other relevant topics.
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At Find A Doctor, our vision is to revolutionize healthcare access by providing every person with the information necessary to make the best decisions for selection of healthcare providers for the entire family.

1. Find the most qualified doctors in your area:

Search our comprehensive data using the name of specialty (and sub-specialty where applicable) of doctors in your geographic location.

We provide additional information about each doctor – includes the medical school attended, training and certifications.

Our ‘Advanced Search’ allows you to filter the requirement based on additional features such as Gender of the doctor, insurances accepted, hospital affiliation and languages spoken.

Our display is set to find doctors within 2-mile radius of the location of your search. But you can increase the range as wide as necessary if you do not find a specialist you are looking for.

2. Is FAD’s online communications with doctors secure?

We provide a secure, encrypted portal for you to communicate freely with the doctors registered at our site.

All you need is for you to register at our site first and request each of your doctors to register at the site.

Both registrations are free.

The advantage of our portal is that it permits you to send your confidential personal health information in the most secure form.

1. FAD unique profile: When you register with FAD, you can create a free digital profile, that allows patients to search for you by geographic location and qualifications.

Today’s consumers are well informed and want to know the qualifications of the doctors they want to consult for themselves and family.

Our site offers for you to write a paragraph about your practice in your own words and give details of medical school, graduate training and certifications.

For patients who must choose a doctor within the insurance network, we make available all insurance accepted by your practice.

We also display your hospital affiliations and search by using common key words used to find a doctor.

2. If you or your group have your own website, we will link it to your profile in FAD when you register. Just give us the URL for your site.

3. Communication with your patient using our secure, encrypted portal that is HIPAA compliant.

Your patient can send you Person Health Information (PHI) but you cannot send the same to your patient under HIPAA rules.

Our encrypted portal permits you to send and receive communication with your patient, send prescriptions to their pharmacy as along as you have linked your EMR to our site.

You can send a patient’s record to a consulting physician through our portal with patient’s consent.

4. FAD’s real-time insurance verification tool: You can verify the insurance coverage of your patient real-time for most insurances using our EDI portal at our site.

5. FAD specialist: Publish blogs and articles to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

There is no fee to register or use our site.

At FAD, the safety of your data is a top priority. Along with multi-level security audits and data backups, we enable all participating, registered doctors to communicate with their patients through our secure, encrypted portal.

We verify the physician credentials to the best extent possible before we list the doctors at our site.

The patients love to see a picture of the doctor with their credentials. They feel comfortable when they make appointment and meet them.

Feedback is a tool that helps us your opinion on the ease of use of our site and what improvements you would like to see at the site.

We believe we have collected all doctors practicing in USA who fall in one of the following specialties.
1. Medical
2. Dental
3. Podiatrist
4. Chiropractor
5. Optometrist

See our detailed instructions for registration of members (consumers)
See our detailed instructions for registration of doctors

We rely on the verification provided by the doctors if they are registered at our site. We also use public use files available at authentic health information sites

Yes, we do have the mobile App in both iOS and android platforms.

No, currently our services are limited only to United States.

Please click ‘Lost your password?’ link on the login screen.

The website is built securely in accordance with HIPAA compliance; it uses SHA-256 encryption with required TLS and SSL security.

We plan to introduce making appointment for the doctor selected by you if they are participants at our site with interface to the doctor office

Our next upgrade will include Mental Health providers and then certified therapists.